Real VMX

A realtime virtual memory operating system.


Multitasking on PC

First test on Hitachi SuperH (sh-4) architecture
(test machine: SEGA Dreamcast)

Interrupt testing on SEGA


  1. Multitasking kernel.
  2. Memory partitions (with memory allocator).
  3. MMU support.
  4. Virtual memory contexts.
  5. User interrupt handlers.
  6. Runs on i386 architecture.
  7. Support for Hitachi SuperH (SH7750) architecture is underway.
  8. Realeased under GNU public license, version 3.


  1. Real VMX Sourceforge Project
  2. Real VMX File Archive
  3. User comments about Real VMX
  4. Real VMX
  5. Real VMX test group
  6. VMXUS
  7. Real VMX Swedish Wikipedia
  8. Old homepage
  9. Brain Atlas open source project



Donwload vmx.tar.gz:
# tar zxvf vmx.tar.gz -C $HOME
Setup enviorment variable $VMX_BASE
# export VMX_BASE=$HOME/vmx
Setup path (optional):
# export PATH=$PATH:$VMX_BASE/bin

In future realases, the build process will be more modular.
Because of that you will need to execute this step first.
(Needed if the next step fails...)

Change into source directory:
# cd $VMX_BASE/src
Change into build directory:
# cd $VMX_BASE/src/build/i386
Build project:
# make


# cp vmx /boot
Become super user:
# su
Enter password
# vi /boot/grub/menu.lst
(press i for insert)
Paste the following text at the end of the file:

title RealVMX
      rootnoverify (hd0,0)
      kernel --type=netbsd /boot/vmx

Type :wq (to save and quit from text editor)
# init 6
Select RealVMX in the boot menu...


# cvs login
# cvs -z3 co -P vmx
If you not are a project developer enter anonymous as password.


Feel free to contact me.

You are also welcome to join this project if you wish.